The Center for Social and Intellectual Development (CSID)

Our Mission

The main focus of CSID is the development of intellectual and social skills in a group setting for children with all abilities. CSID has an all-encompassing co-curricular program that targets the most important skills necessary for children who have social skill deficits. In general, typical classroom settings have a very limited emphasis on incorporating social skills. The successful individual is able to navigate both social and academic environments. CSID creates the opportunity to develop and master these valuable skills needed for lifelong success. The combination of these valuable skills are imperative to teach our children so that they are able to function to their best ability and be adaptable across all their environments to be successful in life.


With a passion to help prepare all students to be successful in the real world, our center utilizes a combination of progressive yet empirically supported strategies and curriculums. We assess each student during our application and assessment process and use those results to place them with like-minded peers. Small group team building presentations of everyday problems and social situations encourage next level cognition skills to develop in a more naturalistic environment.
The field of technology is constantly expanding and evolving. The tools CSID uses to educate their students and the tools our students use to practice target skills should be just as up-to-date.
Eye on the Prize
Each student will monitor and work toward their own goal sets. Teaching our students the skills for constant self improvement is a skill that can be applied to anything they choose to do in their lives.
Team Work
While learning the skills necessary for individual success are important, learning to work with others in a collaborative way is a necessary skill often overlooked, but not at CSID! Our small group model allows for multiple opportunities for social skill practice.
Thinking Outside the Box
CSID creates innovative and progressive programming to address the widening gap between academic and social skill programming for students with special needs as they progress through primary and secondary schools.


CSID is made up of a team of well-seasoned professionals and families who have experience with students with social skill deficits and who have helped create CSID's programming.

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